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When Everyone Wins: The Bitcoin Consensus Round Table Organized by BitFury

Jan 23, 2016

A day after the North American Bitcoin Conference took place in Miami, Florida, BitFury held a round table discussion. The goal of the gathering that aimed to bring Bitcoin Core developers, Bitcoin Classic developers, bitcoin businesses, bitcoin miners, and other bitcoin network participants together, was to facilitate a consensus-driven discussion on the industry’s hottest issues.

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Valery Vavilov


Keep Calm and Bitcoin On

Jan 18, 2016

I grew up in Soviet Latvia and witnessed firsthand the elimination of my parent’s life savings. All of their dreams were gone when the Soviet Union and the banking systems collapsed in 1991. Then, like a nightmare, my own investment dreams were shattered in the global financial crisis of 2008. I knew as a child, and I know even more now as an adult that we, as a global technology community, can and must do better.

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Jason Weinstein

Bitfury Board Advisor

Combating Bitcoin Use by Terrorists?

Jan 13, 2016

We Need More Education, Not Halting Innovation

As always, we start off the new year full of hope and promise, but there is unmistakably a shadow of fear that blankets many parts of the world. The threat of terrorism, both across the globe and around the corner, is real, and anxieties are high. In the wake of recent attacks, there is an increased focus by governments and the media on the ways that terrorists communicate and move money. That is a good thing. Unfortunately, some of that attention has been directed at bitcoin and other digital currencies and it is often uninformed, with headlines going so far as to predict a government “crackdown” on this technology. (“EU Clamps Down on Bitcoin, Anonymous Payments to Curb Terrorism Funding.”)

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Jamie Smith

Global Chief Communications Officer

Why I Believe in the Blockchain, And Why You Should Too

Dec 04, 2015

I believe in the Blockchain and the transformational power of this technology. And you should too. In fact, I believe in the Blockchain so much that I just left my fantastic job working for Edelman, the greatest and largest Public Relations firm in the world, to take on the role of Global Chief of Communications at BitFury — the leading Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company in the world.

Scratching your head yet? A little intrigued? Keep reading.

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