Bitfury 集团认为,研究是建立健康的区块链生态系统的关键。我们致力于促进围绕区块链和比特币技术的学术氛围,以促进未来的技术进步,并确保社区稳定。


Blockchain-Based Solution to Prevent Postage Stamps Fraud

Jul 16, 2019

This research paper, published by IEEE, is a continuation of the research Bitfury published in December 2018. In this article, the researchers discuss the issue of postage stamp fraud and include a technical description and performance tests of the proposed blockchain solution.

Multi-Database Monitoring Tool for the E-Health Services

Jun 26, 2019

The paper outlines some aspects of developing an information system for e-Health database administrators (DBA). This system is equipped with advanced database performance monitoring and prediction features and based on different captured metrics as CPUs, RAMs, HDDs, and other values as well as historical events from host cluster/nodes. The data are aggregated, processed and transformed to provide the developers, production and host DBA teams with timely, proper, and valuable information about existing issues. The graphical representation of critical parameters to the working instance is provided. The approaches to forecasting database performance troubles related to the degradation of its characteristics due to different cumulative effects are discussed.

Using Blockchain For Smart Electrical Grids

Apr 09, 2019

In this article, Bitfury and other leading researchers introduce a blockchain-based system for the management of smart electrical grids, and discuss the opportunities and threats to this approach as well as summarize standing issues in the sector.


Feb 05, 2019

在本文中,Bitfury 研究人员概述了与医疗数据分析和安全相关的问题,并提供相关解决方案,为提高医疗服务质量奠定坚实基础。
文中展示了一个基于 Exonum 框架的区块链解决方案示例,其在国家层面上应用于医疗保健,阐明此类系统将如何提高医疗数据安全性,扩展临床数据收集的基础,并创建有效的共享医疗基础设施。

比特币:点对点电子现金系统 (Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System) 翻译为阿拉伯文

Jan 22, 2019

为提高全世界对比特币和区块链技术的认识,Bitfury 与 Coin Center、全球区块链商业委员会、区块链信托加速器和经济学家及作者 Saifedean Ammous 合作,将 Satoshi Nakamoto 的白皮书翻译为阿拉伯文。

比特币:点对点的电子现金系统 (Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System) 翻译为印地语

Jan 22, 2019

为提高全世界对比特币和区块链技术的认识,Bitfury 与 Coin Center、全球区块链商业委员会、区块链信托加速器和印度区块链基金会合作,将 Satoshi Nakamoto 的白皮书翻译为印地语。

Exonum: Byzantine fault tolerant protocol for blockchains

Dec 27, 2018

The need for consensus in distributed systems is an active area of research. There are many mathematical models with known theoretical limitations, as well as many correct and fast protocols. This research paper posits that the competitive blockchain industry requires foremost that consensus algorithms be fast regarding processed transactions per second. The new blockchain-specific consensus algorithm named Exonum is proposed in the paper. Its theoretical properties are proved and performance tests are provided.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain for Postage Stamps

Dec 13, 2018

In this report, Bitfury researchers, together with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and the Russian Post, introduce the idea of a blockchain-based supply chain for postage stamps. Counterfeit and unaccounted for postage stamps cost postal administrations a significant amount of money each year. The Exonum blockchain could provide a solution to this problem, enhancing market transparency and guaranteeing the invariability of stamps produced and used.

透明区块链分析:有关 Zaif 交易所遭受黑客攻击之调查

Oct 22, 2018

在该报告中,Bitfury 分享了其透明区块链分析工程团队提供的有关自 2018 年 9 月遭受黑客攻击后 Zaif 交易所的比特币流失的分析结果。


Jan 04, 2018

世界领先的区块链全方位服务科技公司—Bitfury 集团及其世界级的全球开发团队在白皮书中详细介绍了一种新的解决方案,有助于揭示比特币地址之间的关系,最大限度减少数据错误,确保在刑事调查中更准确地链接比特币地址,同时也向比特币用户展示保护隐私的方法。