Bitfury 集团认为,研究是建立健康的区块链生态系统的关键。我们致力于促进围绕区块链和比特币技术的学术氛围,以促进未来的技术进步,并确保社区稳定。


Bitfury Report On Block Size Increase

Aug 31, 2015

We believe that in order for Bitcoin ecosystem to prosper, the maximum block size must be increased. It is a common understanding among Bitcoin developers that the current limit of one megabyte hinders scalability of Bitcoin Blockchain and prevents its wide adoption as the technology of the future.

Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Blockchain

Aug 13, 2015

Smart contracts are one of the more promising directions for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. A smart contract is understood as a computer protocol used to facilitate and automate financial contracts. The term smart contract was introduced by Nick Szabo in 1990s and became more relevant than ever before in 2010s after digital currencies gained popularity.