Bitfury Tardis

Bitfury Tardis

Bitfury’s new enterprise grade bitcoin mining server

Bitfury Tardis is proudly manufactured and shipped from South Korea

Key Features


The Bitfury Tardis offers a performance of up to 80 TH/s (terahashes/second) and includes new features that improve user experience and reduce overall maintenance. The Bitfury Tardis is equipped with Bitfury’s new high-performing Clarke ASIC chips and is fully upgradable, so hashboards can be replaced upon the arrival of new ASIC generations.
The Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully customized for SHA256 bitcoin mining. It can execute a hashrate of up to 120 gigahashes per second (GH/s) and a power efficiency rate as low as 55 millijoules per gigahash (mJ/GH).


The Bitfury Tardis is available in multiple configurations, with the option to host from five to eight hashboards. With this added feature, users can switch from achieving maximum power efficiency with eight hashboards in use, to achieving the best possible performance per ASIC with five hashboards in use. The Bitfury Tardis features a small LED screen and easy access to OrangePi for seamless operation and monitoring.


  • Max performance - up to 80 TH/s
  • 6U server rack
  • 6.3 kW power consumption per server  
  • Upgradable design
  • Easily configurable (5-8 hashboards) for max performance and low power consumption
  • Settings that support various cost optimization plans


Version Price
6 Hashboards version: 72 TH/s | 88 J/TH $3,021
8 Hashboards version: 80 TH/s | 79 J/TH $3,770

For orders of more than 100 units, contact our sales team directly at [email protected].