Executive Profiles Advisory board Regional Directors
Valery Vavilov

Founder and CEO

George Kikvadze

Executive Vice Chairman

Marc Witzke

Chief Technology Officer

Henry Monzon

Chief Revenue Officer

George Givishvili

Chief Marketing Officer

Anna Minets

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jeremy Sewell

Chief Financial Officer

John Mercurio

Acting Chief Communications Officer

Alex Petrov

Chief Information Officer

Michael Kozlov

Chief Energy Officer

Marat Kichikov

Managing Partner of Bitfury Capital

Viktoriya Nechyporuk

Director of Product Marketing

Alex Botezatu

Head of Bitfury Labs

Marc Taverner

Global Ambassador, Market Development

Vlad Radysh

Government Relations Director

Daniel McGrath

Supply Chain Director

Ridhuna Ziauddin

Compensation and Benefits Director

Alexander Perchikov

Product Director

Rachel Pipan

Senior Communications Manager