ASIC chip

Our custom-designed cutting-edge ASIC chip is the fastest and most effective bitcoin mining chip on the market nowadays.

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Our custom-designed cutting-edge ASIC chip is the fastest and most effective bitcoin mining chip on the market, delivering unparalleled efficiency and performance to the Bitcoin network.

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ASIC chip

Key Features

Maximum Mining Performance

This chip is built to ensure maximum mining performance. With exceptional computing capabilities and power efficiency, the cutting-edge ASIC chip has achieved previously unattainable productivity levels.

Minimal Energy Usage

The cutting-edge ASIC chip is designed to be energy-efficient, keeping your mining operation low-cost and environmentally responsible.


  • Calculation speed up to 100GH/s
  • 8162 rolled hashing cores
  • Simple two wire synchronous serial control interface with speed up to 8Mbit/s
  • Task double buffer for highest performance
  • Fully integrated controllable clock generation
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • Operates from voltages as low as 0.38V
  • Compact Pb-free FCLGA 35L 6x6mm package

Performance specifications

The below characteristics represent an average performance of the chips. Performance of individual chips or batch/lot of chips may vary.
The represented performance characteristics were achieved in real working environment and in Bitfury reference design hash boards applied at Bitfury reference design air cooling miners (servers) Bitfury B8.
If applied in different/custom application designs both for hash boards and/or miners (servers) Bitfury cannot guarantee or be responsible for characteristics mentioned below.
Average performance and energy efficiency of the chips depends on power (in W) and working temperatures range.
The tests were conducted at ~80 C° on chip.


Reference design for an enterprise-scale miner

Capitalizing on our own mining experience, the Bitfury Group designed and released a reference design for an enterprise-scale bitcoin miner.

  • Quantity


    576 ASIC chips

  • Hashrate


    30 TH/s - 49 TH/s (max performance)

  • Power Consumption

    Power Consumption

    6.4 KW (max)


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