BlockBox AC

BlockBox AC

The Bitfury Group’s BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful bitcoin mining devices available on the market today.

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BlockBox AC is proudly manufactured and shipped from South Korea

In just 500 square feet, each BlockBox AC has the capabilities of a full-size bitcoin mining data center, making this the newest tool for mining bitcoin on a large scale. The BlockBox AC allows users the potential to begin mining within hours. The efficient design and low operating cost of the BlockBox AC makes bitcoin mining more productive and affordable.

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BlockBox AC

Key Features


BlockBox AC includes 176 air-cooled mining servers.


BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful and cost effective bitcoin mining solutions available on the market, based on a modern Bitfury hardware and software, fully upgradeable to the next generation of silicon technology. Multiple Bitfury BlockBox AC units can be easily deployed in conjunction with each other for building mining farms of any scale.


BlockBox AC is a full-featured containerized solution which can be placed at a best location for optimized OPEX, performance and deployment. Mobility of the product will allow further relocation to better available location in case needed.


The BlockBox AC solution is maintained by a team of highly qualified trained professionals. The constant monitoring allows it to keep the system running at a highest rate and provide immediate reaction in response to any issues found.


The BlockBox AC owner can perform remote monitoring using browser or a mobile app which will display necessary information, parameters and KPI of the system in real time.


The BlockBox AC both software and hardware components, can be easily upgraded. The modular architecture of the Bitfury BlockBox AC and its В8 servers allow it to keep many existing parts unchanged while upgrading hardware to newer components or ASIC chips. This feature of Bitfury BlockBox AC is unique on bitcoin mining solutions market today.

Bitfury’s data centers and BlockBoxes use best-in-class network equipment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, providing Bitfury and our clients with the world’s most advanced support and global networking capabilities.

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