We develop the most innovative blockchain hardware solutions to securely move assets across the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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Bitfury provides a wide range of custom turn-key hardware solutions, including:
Bitfury location DC
Compact containerized datacenters (BlockBox AC) hosted at a Bitfury location
Client location DC
Compact containerized datacenters (BlockBox AC) delivered to a client location
AIR-cooled DC
Construction and management of large scale, air-cooled datacenters
Immersion-Cooling DC
Construction and management of large scale, immersion-cooling datacenters

With proven expertise in datacenter operations, Bitfury can manage the full cycle of these projects according to each customer’s custom requirements (including development, design, and implementation of technical equipment.) Additionally, all Bitfury’s turn-key hardware solutions listed above are designed to accommodation future expansion, either with additional units or through multi-phase construction.

Examples of Bitfury’s turn-key hardware solutions include Bitfury’s datacenters in Canada, the Republic of Georgia, Norway and Iceland.

Bitfury’s datacenters and BlockBoxes use best-in-class network equipment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, providing Bitfury and our clients with the world’s most advanced support and global networking capabilities.

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